Chez Ami Ocicats

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Abyrose Siggy (gen 1)

Breed Ocicat - Ticked

Colour Tawny

Date of Birth 14/3/2015

Sire CH Chezami Diago (Ocicat)

Dam CH Abyrose Blue Lexus (Abyssinian)

Breeder Jody Robinson-Wildey

Siggy is from PRA & Pk-def normal parents, and both are Tritrichomonas Foetus negative. Siggy brings in some new lines to our breeding program. She has a lovely muzzle and chin, she is a good looking girl. Siggy carries dilute and will give us a variety of exciting colours in her litters. 

Thank you Jody for making this possible.

Chez Ami Sylvi

Breed Ocicat - Spotted

Colour Chocolate Silver

Date of Birth 30/6/2016

Sire Zayenah Purple Passion (Imp Aus)

Dam Kayjays Silver Legacy

Sylvi is from parents that are Tritrichomonas Foetus negative.

She has amazing contrast, a good muzzle and is solid girl. Sylvi has a sweet and lovely nature, and is great with our children.

Chez Ami Ruby Rose

Breed Ocicat - Spotted

Colour Chocolate

Date of Birth 27/9/2016

Sire CH Chez Ami Diago

Dam CH Abyrose Emerald Dove (gen 3)

Ruby Rose is from PRA normal parents, and both are Tritrichomonas Foetus negative. 

Ruby Rose is taking over from her mother Emmy. She has good contrast and a great muzzle just like her mum. Ruby Rose has a friendly nature.